The Gilded Rage

All work and no thrifting makes Matt a less than impeccably dressed guy - or something to that effect. School has been keeping me busy for the last month and so my time has been at a premium, leaving little time for thrift hunting. I’m glad that when I do manage to get out, the results are as magical as this one. The navy blue shirt is a Gitman Bros original, with black mother of pearl buttons. Fit could use some tailoring, but lovely nonetheless. Retail on these is $140-160. I paid $6. The real excitement came when I spotted the two E. Marinella ties. Handmade Neapolitan silk ties from the venerable E. Marinella house in Hamilton? Where are these coming from? Giddy is the best word to describe my emotions. The ties were also $6/each. Another find (not pictured) I bought on behalf of my friend, was a beautiful steel blue Luciano Barbera shirt, also with black mother of pearl buttons. That was the priciest at $9. Finally, a trip to be excited about.