The Gilded Rage

Once again it becomes necessary that I compile my latest thrifting exploits into one mega post. As is the nature of the beast, the last few trips have been rather disappointing; ultimately nothing of interest beyond typical thrift store wares. Ties however were in season. Someone in my area must have a taste for fine English clothing and a generous heart as this lovely paisley Turnbull & Asser tie now resides in my collection. The Celine of Paris is beautiful as well, however it may soon be put up for sale as the collection needs considerable thinning. The final tie is an 80’s special. Retailed through Eaton’s, the Timothy E tie conjures images of Miami Vice white linen jackets and Sonny Crockett pleated pants (a look that has a time and a place; one I would not be afraid to resurrect when the time comes). One last item is the Hugo Boss shirt with French cuffs. Crafted in Macedonia from lovely Italian cotton, it feels very similar to my Canali shirts albeit significantly more tapered. Total amount paid: $6.99 for the T&A and Celine. $4.99 for the TimothyE. $14.99 for the Boss. Yes I know, I splurged a little on the last one. 

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