The Gilded Rage

The thrifting gods smiled favourably upon me this week. I had two scores which i am extremely proud of and am thus splitting it into 2 posts. The first will feature my new cache of shoes. The first pair are burgundy captoes made by Dack’s. If you have ventured back through my archives you’ll notice a similar pair; this is not them. I now have two very similar pairs of burgundy shoes, made by the same company. Crazy? Like a fox…who happens to like amazing (affordable) quality shoes. They are fully welted in construction and feature a Goodyear winged foot sole.  The shoe hoard continues with a completely new brand and colour for my collection, a pair of Allen Edmonds, in what I will call…buttery pecan? Fit is immaculate, and it appears that they are relatively new, say 2000’s. I’d say the Dack’s are from the late 80’s or early 90’s. More to come.