The Gilded Rage

I stumbled upon this mid 1880’s advertisement for pointer suits at the long gone Oak Hall clothiers of Hamilton. While completely unrelated except for the dog reference, I did make a pointer purchase 2 weeks ago. Pointer Brand as many of you are already aware is renowned for their honest, hand sewn work garments made in the heart of Bristol, Tennessee. With the launch of their new website and their limited batch clothing, I jumped on the chance to get this shawl collar indigo denim chore coat. Already worn it a few times and it is very rigid. I probably need to spend a day welding or chopping wood (best way to break in anything) to get it broken in. Anyway, the construction is fantastic, the American-ness of the jacket is trumpeted from every tag on the garment and overall I absolutely love it. The company has also extended their 20% off sale until May 16th at midnight. Just use the coupon code NEW. You won’t regret it.

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